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Through contemporary-circus, dance and movement I will tell theatrical-stories, interlaced with traditional styles of circus and Ethiopian- dance, both full of bright-colour and culture. Circus in Ethiopia is always paired with dance and culture. As a professional circus artist performing on large-stages across Ethiopia and Europe over the last 10 years, circus performance has always been an
opportunity to share the beauty, warmth and richness of my Ethiopian and African
culture through the arts.
As I learn about the culture in Toronto, as a newcomer to Canada with ‘protected person’ status, I feel it’s important to tell the often unknown stories of migration and the journey of seeking refuge. During the creation process, alongside traditional Ethiopian dancers, we will draw from the complex feelings and moments from our own collective stories and struggles as newcomers to Toronto, and the collective stories of folks attempting to re-locate and seek refuge from many unsafe regions. We will research through interviews with Toronto refugee workers, and stories from peers, that should be addressed but often go under the radar.
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