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Animacy Theatre Collective (ATC) is focused on the creation of original, experimental and interdisciplinary theatre works. We tell stories that: are driven by women, use humor and physical storytelling to raise social awareness, and create characters who challenge assumed borders (human, nonhuman, gender, sexuality). Our work uses physical theatre (mask [building and performance], clown, dance and improvisation), playwriting and multimedia to create research-based and devised plays. By collaborating with communities, artists, and grassroots activism we work to converge the artistic, social and environmental spheres, and to challenge interlocking structures of oppression in order to work towards social and environmental justice. ATC is interested in theatre that offers immersive spaces and views all things within them (humans, more-than-humans, places, objects, technologies and all their histories) as theatrical ecologies. ATC was formed through a shared belief in the necessity – especially in the current political climate – of bringing research into conversation with communities through stories that are funny, physical and imaginative.

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