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D.I.A. Kollective comprises of four artists of African descent, with varying disciplines, Dance being the anchoring artistic expression. Ranging from fashion designer, Spoken Word Artists, Visual Arts, Theatre/Performing Arts, Vocalists, the Healing Arts and more. D.I.A. Kollective is multi-generational, omni-disciplinary collective of artists symbiotically formed through the need for community support during the height of the pandemic while witnessing the continued brutality of Black Bodies. Dance is used as a vehicle to address, release and create healing spaces to help navigate inequities and systemically socio-political structures causing imbalances. Over the years members have developed a powerful chemistry, performed together in various projects, with varying companies, more recently in Kyle Gervacy’s “Labou” and CBC’s Luminato Project “New Monuments.”

D.I.A.’s physical storytelling comes from a visceral, emotional and spiritual place. The collective seeks to connect and create spaces for both performer and audience to transcend through the power of dance.


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