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Delta Family Resource Centre (DFRC) is a grassroots, non-profit, community-based agency which is committed to enhancing the potential of families and children by supporting and addressing identified needs. Providing a wide range of programs, services and activities that enhance individual skills and promotes well-being and healthy communities, Delta is known for strength in effective outreach, collaboration and strong program which meet identified community needs.

Delta Family Resource Centre is a community organization serving priority neighborhoods in Northwest Toronto.  Our catchment area is: Humber Summit, Humbermede, Jamestown, Mt. Olive and Beaumond Heights ­ all NIA communities in Toronto’s North West.  All neighborhoods experience high levels of poverty, are isolated and under-served communities, as identified by the Urban Hearts research carried out by St. Michaels hospital and the City’s TSNS initiative.  Residents include many immigrants and newcomers from South Asia, West Asia, Latin America, Vietnam, the Caribbean and Africa.



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