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Destinie Adelakun is an award winning contemporary multi-disciplinary artist, her work extends from photography, painting to film and sculpture; that explore topics ranging from African and Indian history, mythology, and spirituality. She utilizes individuals in her work as a personification of principles and ideas, and re-illustrates African and Indian mythological tales. She celebrates women of the African and Indian diaspora and plays with adornment that embodies the creative direction of the work. Her paintings and photography provoke social commentary and critique old-fashioned perceptions of what defines beauty through socio-political and historical social norms as they relate to anti-blackness, shadism, and colourism’ – as well as their universal implications of the female body. Her goal as an artist is empowering women of color, through re-writing various mythological/folklore events via the means of photography, painting and film. The self-taught artist was born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in Nagpur India, and she currently lives and works in Toronto. Destinie is the selected 2020 cohort of Toronto Arts Foundation Launchpad bursary. She was awarded the Canadian Women Artist Award from New York Foundation for the arts. Destinie continues to utilize her platform to tell stories of the diaspora and curate events that bring the diaspora together and create awareness around taboo subjects.



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