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Parks N’ Wreck gathers Toronto streetdance communities and local residents in public, outdoor settings. By transforming public spaces with freestyle battles, streetdance theatre, cyphers, and live DJs, we enliven familiar areas with music and social dancing. Parks N’ Wreck believes that engaging local residents with streetdance culture gets people outside and socially connected. Since 2016 we have produced three public streetdance events with Arts in the Parks, animating Lawrence Park and Prairie Drive Park. We have also worked with partners at the city-level and major festivals to produce events: Underpass Park House Jam (2017), B-Town Get Down (2018), and the Manifesto Festival Dance Battle (2018). Our collective consists of independent artists who have joined in service to the wider Toronto streetdance/urban arts community. Our events feature an array of local and international dance artists as collaborators.


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