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Phil Koole is a Toronto based clown who received his BFA in Theatre and Netherlandic Studies from Calvin College (2006) in Grand Rapids, MI, where his interest in clown and physical theatre was sparked. He is a Therapeutic Clown in various rehab and long term care centres across Toronto. He’s performed at The Foolish Cabaret, The Red Nose District, The Toronto International Circus Festival, The Red Nose Cabaret, and The Toronto Festival of Clowns. He created and performed Halapatooloo, a duo clown show at the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival (Outstanding Ensemble, NOW Magazine), and in the summer of 2013, to the delight of many park visitors young and old, he self-produced and performed twelve one hour sessions of roving clown with his character ‘Grup’ and his Sacred Rope in parks across the city of Toronto. He has also performed internationally in public spaces in The Netherlands and the USA. He has studied the art of theatrical clown with renowned instructors Helen Donnelly (Foo), John Turner (Mump & Smoot), and Peter Jarvis (Silver Elvis). Most recently he performed his piece “Grup the Wanderer” at The Fringe North International Theatre Festival, August 2017 and delighted the streets of Toronto all summer long with his busking skills.

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