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Pleasure Dome is an artist-run programming collective and publisher dedicated to experimental moving images since 1989. Pleasure Dome screens innovative works in engaging and “expanded” presentations, including installation and other unconventional exhibition formats and venues. We present a variety of different genres and styles that re-imagine the modernist experimental tradition. Pleasure Dome aims to nurture an appreciation within the community at large for art expressed in the media of moving images of all formats, with or without sound; to educate the community at large in the history of artists’ moving images; and to make available through public exhibition, local, national and international artists’ moving images that are rarely if ever seen by the general public. Pleasure Dome partners with media art organizations and artist-run centres in Toronto, nationally, and abroad to initiate co-presentations, collaborations, and sponsorships to bring forward culturally diverse and experimental media projects. Pleasure Dome is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts, and by our members, sponsors, and community partners.

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