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Established in 2007, the8fest is an organization that promotes, exhibits, and produces small-gauge filmmaking in all of its forms: 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm, installation, zoetropes, and loops. In our 15-year exhibition history, the8fest has been steadfastly committed to showcasing work in varied genres, ranging from personal and handmade to experimental, to animation, diary cinema, film essay, collage, documentary, narrative, performance with film, music, and proto-cinema devices like zoetropes. the8fest presents films from Toronto, across Canada, and from creators and communities around the world, showcasing the 70+ year history of small-gauge film. From artists’ work to its wider cultural use in home movies, instructional loops, and beyond, the8fest provides a forum for filmmakers to show their work on celluloid. The festival is a unique opportunity for the audience to view work screened entirely on film. the8fest is committed to keeping the exhibition of small-gauge film as a viable presentation medium for both our festival, as well as establishing the organization worldwide as a driving force championing the importance of the accessible, portable, endlessly vibrant form of filmmaking that is small-gauge film.

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