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Described Toronto is composed of Christine Malec, Rebecca Singh and Katherine Sanders – a trio of artists who came together for the purpose of creating audio experiences of the natural world from a Blind-led perspective. This is their second project. The first was a guided audio described walk in a ravine with arborist Todd Irvine. The full recording of this experience is available as a special episode of Christine Malec’s podcast Talk Description to Me. Christine is a member of Toronto’s Blind community, and a consultant who helps to make the work of arts and science organizations more accessible and inclusive. In addition to being a podcast host, she is also a musician who can be heard busking in the Toronto Subway System. Rebecca Singh is a live event specialist and audio accessibility creative. She is curious and compelled by all the many ways to experience a city. Katherine Sanders has been producing live events for over two decades and gardening with native plants for almost two years. Merging these two worlds is her latest passion.


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