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Toronto-native Rosalind Zhang is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, and performer who credits her colourful experiences to her artistic upbringing. With a family of musicians, she grew up to the sound of music in her household, and began lessons as soon as she was able to reach the piano bench. Several years later, a desire to make music with others was recognized and cello was added as a second instrument. She spent her formative years immersed in a fast-paced curriculum that strived for both artistic and academic excellence at the Claude Watson School for the Arts, where she received additional training in acting, improvisation, movement, visual arts, creativity, and dance.
Over the years, Rosalind has been incorporating more improvisation, comedy, and theatre into performances. She is searching for a more holistic approach to music education. Using unconventional teaching methods that include interactive storytelling of composers’ lives and rote learning, she helps students foster a genuine interest in music, and has garnered a following in Canada, the US, China, and Europe. Devoted to community building and making music more accessible, her projects are closely tied to the Li Delun Music Foundation ( & Bukaopu Salon (
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