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2019 Highlights

Arts in the Parks Season Launch at Lee Lifeson Park, 2019

Ensemble Jeng Yi in Earl Bales Park, 2019

Labyrinth Ontario in Flemingdon Park, 2019

Little Pear Garden in Beverly Glen Park, 2019

Shakespeare in Action in Little Avenue Memorial Park, 2019

2018 Highlights

Arts Etobicoke at Bell Manor Park, 2018

Nagata Shachu at Flemingdon Park, 2018

Shadowland Theatre at Alexmuir Park, 2018

Long Exposure Festival at Flemingdon Park, 2018

Driftwood Theatre at Oakdale Park, 2018

Clay and Paper Theatre at Amos Waites Park, 2018

2017 Highlights

Parks N’ Wreck at Prairie Drive Park, 2017

Volunteer Appreciation Party at Daniels Spectrum, 2017

The STEPS Initiative at Walter Saunders Memorial Park, 2017

Nia Centre for the Arts at Earl Bales Park, 2017

Ballet Creole at Thomson Memorial Park, 2017

Little Pear Garden Dance Company at Chester Le Park, 2017

Nagata Shachu and Ensemble Jeng Yi at Panorama Park, 2017

2016 Highlights

Lua Shayenne Dance Company at Flemingdon Park, 2016

Cajuca Mas Arts Producers at Littles Park, 2016

Eldritch Theatre at Panorama Park, 2016

Etobicoke Community Concert Band at Broadacres Park, 2016

Feast in the East at Prairie Drive Park, 2016

MABELLEarts at Broadacres Park, 2016

Parks N’ Wreck at Alexander Muir Memorial Park, 2016

Shadowland Theatre at Alexmuir Park, 2016

Tune Your Ride Collective at Prairie Drive Park, 2016

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