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Alert: Please note, From Weeds We Grow workshops are now taking place on July 20, August 17, September 14 and October 12 @ 12pm.

Tips on Enjoying Arts in the Parks Anyplace

By Alandra McKirdy, Outreach & Event Assistant


1. Find a comfortable spot

With programming being offered online it is important to plant yourself in a comfy, versatile space! Some events allow for participation, we recommend setting up your computer away from any breakable objects and on a raised surface so you are not straining your neck. Open space is ideal, with pillows, and blankets to optimize comfort. Set your space up before the events start time, this will allow you to be fully engaged and comfortable right from the start!


Labyrinth Ontario Music Series, Flemingdon Park 2019


2. Dress in your favourite clothing  

Arts in the Parks Anyplace events vary in length and being comfortable while enjoying the programming is important! But that doesn’t mean you have to wear your PJ’s or your go-to isolation tracksuit! Wear an outfit that makes you happy and is comfortable enough if participation is encouraged throughout the workshop. Potential outfit options, the brightest piece of clothing you own, your favourite summer clothing item, or even break out that costume trunk and dress up! This is a great way to make viewing an art workshop fun for longer than the workshop itself, encourage your family to dress up with you and of course, snap a picture for Instagram! 


3. Have water close by 

It is important to stay hydrated and we recommend having a reusable water container on hand while participating in Arts in the Parks Anyplace Events! Health care professionals recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day to stay healthy and hydrated! We challenge you to finish your water before the end of the art event! Can you do it? 


4. Invite friends and family 

Invite your family to participate in Arts in the Parks Anyplace with you! Instead of your weekly movie night, enjoy free, family-friendly arts programming with your loved ones. This can be a great way to initiate conversations around art forms you may have not experienced before and also inspire your creativity!


5. Having a strong wifi connection and charges on hand 

With Arts in the Parks Anyplace being online this summer we recommend having chargers and a strong wifi connection if available! It is not enjoyable to have your electronics die or your wifi connection disconnect in the middle of an event. If these materials are not accessible to you, reach out and see if your neighbours, friends, or family are interested in hosting a social distance watching party! This is a great way to become involved in your community and a bonus being you get to enjoy free arts programming. 


6. Bring your positive and creative selves 

The key to enjoying Arts in the Parks Anyplace is to bring yourself with a positive and creative attitude! We can still enjoy arts programming as a community and the art events have never been more accessible than now, free arts programming available anyplace!

Until we can meet again in a sunny park, check out all the free arts programming we have to offer this Summer with Arts in the Parks Anyplace.

Be sure to take photos and have fun! Tag #ArtsintheParksAnyplaceTO for your chance to be featured on our social media channels. 

The Steps Initiative at Walter Saunders Memorial Park, 2017 


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