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Making a Splash at Milliken Park and Parkway Forest Park

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Splash on Earth made waves this past July at Milliken Park in Scarborough and Parkway Forest Park in North York. Presented with Friends of Parkway Forest Park, Splash on Earth is an artistic environmental initiative for all ages, that re-purposes food waste into a community art project. Using old flour, water and food dye, they create vibrant and easy-to-use biodegradable paints that can be used to create masterpieces on concrete. 

A woman crouches on the pavement and draws and design with shapes and flowers using chalk.

It seemed like the whole community came out to this event to get a chance to paint. Kids and adults, families and friends; participants worked together and solo to create works of art. The sidewalks were buzzing with activity, participants covering every inch of plain asphalt. Pieces were expressive and fun, from landscapes and animals, to words and abstract patterns, plus a few well-known characters like Mario and Pikachu. 

Hand-painted signs scattered along the pathways provided us with important information about our role in climate change. For example, in Canada, we waste 58% of food we produce, which adds up to $31 billion per year, and yet 1 in 4 Canadians goes hungry every day. I learned that one teaspoon of soil contains more living organisms than there are people on earth! Isn’t that incredible? 

A group of children sit on the pavement and paint designs using eco safe paint.

Splash on Earth illustrated to me how interconnected we are to each other and to our environment. We can use those connections to strengthen one another and our world, or to damage them. This past July, Splash on Earth helped us to strengthen the connections needed to take this journey together.

A women and a young girl crouch on the pavement and are painting a design of leaves using eco safe paint.

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